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Impact of Web Design

Impact of Web Design –

It’s common for people to believe that the primary purpose of web design is to make a website as visually stunning as possible. Web design does more than make a website look nice. For one, it helps with SEO for small business sites. Here is a few tips on the impact of web design

impact of website-Design

1. The Ever-increasing Importance of UX
Simply put, UX is all about the ease and comfort at which a user finds exploring a website, and web design is critical in providing the best UX imaginable.

2. Pages That Take Forever To Load
Page speed should be a top concern for all webmasters, who can make their sites as fast as possible through web design tweaks like avoiding the use of heavy graphics and custom fonts and optimizing images.

3. Bad Website Navigation
Users don’t like having to “hunt” for the pages that interest them. They want all the information accessible within a click or two.

4. Too Many CTAs
There’s no doubt about the importance of call-to-action (CTA) buttons when it comes to getting visitors to patronize your offerings in one form or another.

5. Long-Winded, Clunky Checkout
According to statistics from the Baymard Institute, long-winded and clunky checkouts force 18% of online shoppers in the United States to abandon their carts.

6. Mobile-unfriendliness
Strangely enough, many websites remain mobile-unfriendly, which isn’t good in a world where the number of mobile users has long surpassed that of desktop users.

7. Unattractive and Outdated Visual Design
A website that looks like it never saw a design update since it launched in the 1990s will also turn off potential customers.

Human beings are visual creatures. No matter how much we emphasize user experience in web design, web designers should always strive to make their creations look visually appealing to attract more eyes that will hopefully become customers.

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