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Working with you throughout COVID-19

Working with you throughout COVID-19

It’s been a really strange time for all our businesses. Yet throughout the Covid-19 crisis, at Cayene Hands we’ve stayed open and able to service you, our customers, across the world.


As we’re used to working remotely with our national and international clients, we’ve been able to quickly adapt to virtual working with our team, who’ve been working from home with no interruption to how we communicate with, service and deliver results for our clients. We’ve also found time to expand our service offering, take on new customers, and even move offices!

Protect your business with Covid-19 safety products

The way your business operates has most likely changed due to the pandemic. With that, you need to communicate clearly with your staff and customers about how you’re making your business environment a safe place to be.

Time to update your marketing

Of course, we’re still offering the services we’ve been providing to our customers for more than 12 years. Many clients are recognising that now is a great time to step up their marketing activity, develop a new website, or getting those new mailouts printed. We’re here to help you stay ahead of the competition with an ecommerce website that is straightforward to browse and simple to update, a mobile-optimised website that suits any platform, or a marketing strategy that communicates with your customers in the right way.

Have a look at our services, drop us an email, pick up the phone or chat on WhatsApp about how we can help you.

Let us know how we can help you move your business forward in challenging times.

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Adebanjo Adedayo .B.
Founder & CEO at Cayene Hands– Grow Your Business: Higher, Faster, Smarter.
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