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Role of Public Relations

Discover The Role of Public Relations in Your Marketing Strategy

The role of public relations in your marketing strategy is something you have probably thought about numerous times. You’re not alone. People tend to juggle the words marketing and Public Relations (PR) around whenever discussing customer/client acquisition-related matters. While PR and marketing have their shared similarities, they are meant to serve different functions.

Role of Public Relations - cayene-hands

So, let’s see what public relations is and what role it is supposed to play in your marketing strategy.

1. What is Public Relations?
Public Relations or PR is the methods or processes that every organization has to implement as a way to maintain good relationships and a positive persona in external groups and communities.

2. How Does PR Compare to Marketing?
Let’s just say that PR is more focused on making sure that people and groups see a certain organization or company in a good light. The job of a PR department is to ensure that the organization has more fans than haters. 

3. What is The Purpose of PR?
Similar to marketing, PR also serves to tell a story with regards to the company as well as its products and services. But instead of having sales as an end goal, the objective of PR is to create and maintain relationships.

4. When is it a Good Time to Delve in PR?
There is never a perfect time to start doing some PR work but the role of public relations in your marketing strategy is something you need to be thinking about. 

5. What Role Does PR Play in Your Marketing Strategy?
We have just set the division between PR and marketing. Despite that, these two still sit in the same department. 

6. Reputation Management
Reputation is very important in the business world. When you have a strong reputation, you will have endless opportunities to make a sale and scale your business. 

7. Value Awareness
In the world of business, it is not just about selling a product or service. Ultimately, it is about selling your entire brand. 

8. Enhanced Online Presence
One of the jobs of the marketing department is to create a strategy so cut through that you come out on the first page of every Google SERP (search engine results pages). 

9. PR Gives You Social Proof
In our digital age where people can practically get information in a single click, good sales skills aren’t enough to keep businesses sustainable anymore. One of the jobs of the PR team is to gather proof of the efficacy of your product or service.

The rise of the digital age makes it seem as if marketing is the end-all-be-all of businesses. While this is true to some extent, unless your strategy is implemented perfectly, it will give you very little results. This is because marketing alone does not convince people to become customers. What you need is a more genuine way for people to see the good side of your business. That’s where PR campaigns come in.

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