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What is Enterprise Cybersecurity

What is Enterprise Cybersecurity?

What is enterprise cybersecurity? When most people think of cybersecurity, they likely think of personal cybersecurity – protecting their own devices and data. However, there is a whole other world of cyber-security that exists beyond our individual devices: enterprise cyber-security.

What is Enterprise Cybersecurity?

So, let’s discover what enterprise cyber-security is.

1. Why is Enterprise Cybersecurity So Important?
Enterprise security is important, therefore, enterprise cyber-security as well. Nearly one-third of all businesses of all sizes have reported breaches in recent years. Threats originate from a wide variety of sources now, human and bot, including bad actors supported by national governments. 

2. Data Breaches Affect Businesses of All Sizes
A small business may be challenged to focus on security when resources are stretched thin, but the stakes are high when it comes to data breaches, whether from a bad actor outside the company or a lax employee who accidentally downloads malware inside the company.

3. Cyber Threats
Social engineering is one of the most common ways that hackers gain access to company data. Social engineering occurs through exploiting the human factor of security – lulling one or more gatekeepers, even low-level customer service reps, into allowing access in some small way.

4. Data Leaks
The larger threat in the news is things like Solar Winds, the IT software company that was hacked, allowing access to customers’ systems through malicious code. This was a new type of infiltration that will certainly be mimicked by others in the future and one that challenged security experts to extend their firewalls, moats, and other apparatus in new directions.

5. Consequences of Cyber Attack on Enterprise
Financial damage is a given in a cyber-attack, particularly if a data leak results in sanctions by customers or governments charged with enforcing conformance to privacy laws. There is also time lost in containing the issue, eradicating the threat, and rebuilding damaged components of infrastructure.

6. Enterprise Cybersecurity Best Practices
Threats to databases and other corporate assets will always be present, and they will always be mutating to attack in new and unexpected ways. This requires new business practices, including interacting with clients and partners more intimately to ensure cooperative security protocols.

As the threat of cybercrime grows it is more crucial than ever to pay attention to your company’s cybersecurity strategy. In this digital era you should be focused on third-party cyber protection according to your enterprise criterias and standards.

There is no need to wait for a disaster to make your enterprise cybersecurity stronger. Cyber protection must be integrated into all of your business strategies.

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