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Not-True About Graphic Design

Which of the following is not-true about graphic design.

The field of graphic design is ever-evolving and has become one of the most lucrative careers for people across the globe. As technology advances, you can find new tools and software that make it easier for graphic designers to develop their skill set and produce high-quality work. So, let’s discover which of the following is not true about graphic design.

1. Graphic Design is Only About Logos
This is one statement that is not true at all. If you ask a graphic designer in detail about the nature of their work, you will realize that graphic design is much more than just logos.

2. Graphic Design Focuses on Still Visuals
It is also entirely incorrect and has led to a few misconceptions in the industry. Some people assume that graphic design has less to do with animations, slideshows or videos and focuses on images that are still. Well, this is not true

3. Graphic Design Needs to be on Trend
While you will come across some people arguing in favor of this, it is not true. Just like with everything else, graphic design is also influenced by current and past trends, and designers do follow them closely.

4. It Requires Expensive Tools And Software
Well, you may be surprised to know that it isn’t entirely correct. While you need to invest in your branding and keep a budget for it, graphic design requires creativity and inspiration. You can work within a small amount as well and get a professional website that attracts traffic or eye-catching brochure design

5. Graphic Design Only Make Things Appealing
This is not true at all. There are many people who actually believe that graphic design only cleans up things and makes them appealing. Well, they might be very wrong because the field has so much more to offer to both the audience and designers. 

These are some of the things which are not true in graphic design. You can also see a few facts which might be correct and apply to a few designers as well. Since the field continues to grow and change, there are many things which can confuse people, it is best not to make any assumptions without proper research and study.

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