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Animation to Grow Online Sales

Discover how to use Animation to Grow Online Sales.

Discover how to use Animation to Grow Online Sales: Marketers turn to animated videos, graphics, and GIFs for new ways to grab their audience’s attention. Indeed, when viewing a page, a person first pays attention to illustrations and even earlier to moving elements. It’s also a positive indicator for search robots to rank your website better.

So, let’s discover eight ways how animation can leverage your online sales and increase conversions.

Animation to Grow Online Sales

1. GIFs in Email Marketing
GIFs owe their reawakened popularity to social media. It is much easier to express your thoughts through laconic and often funny GIFs than writing a detailed commentary.

2. E-Cards to Build Loyalty
Holidays are an additional way to remind the client about your company, offer discounts, and show attention. Also, you can send a letter with a selection of gift ideas.

3. Animated Website to Make Waiting Easier
Animations can solve several specific problems on a website. One of them is filling when the user needs to wait for the page to load.

4. Whiteboard Animations as a Way to Simplify Complex Notions
Imagine a video with a white background, and someone draws on it and explains something simultaneously. These videos are called whiteboard animations.

5. Animation on Social Media Channels
Animations and short videos on social media convey information more vividly than static posts. At the same time, you can pack more details into it, and it doesn’t overload the page.

6. Presenting Infographics in a Digestible Way
Animated infographics are another way to make complex information pleasant. Most often, we see infographics in the form of diagrams, flowcharts, tables, and maps.

7. Evoke Positive Emotions
Just offering a product isn’t enough now. Instead, marketers need to evoke the right emotions in customers to create an internal connection.

8. Tell about the Company in a Promotional Video
Animations are used not only by B2C but also by B2B companies. Usually, it is a business associated with innovation, high technology, and products, the essence of which is difficult to explain in a nutshell.

The possibilities for using animation are endless, but the main goal is to keep the audience hooked and get the results you want. Want to increase your brand awareness? Introduce a new product? Boost conversions? Animation can come in hand as it’s one of the most powerful tools for engaging with audiences in today’s digital age.

And if you want to engage with audiences in a powerful way, we can help you do just that. You’re just an email away. 

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